Website Creation: All You Need to Know


As a new company or a campaign, you need a platform to promote yourself. Many platforms help you promote yourself, including the internet. The internet platform can use websites created by thousands of companies and campaigns all over the world. A website is a place or an address on the internet that people use to locate and follow your activities and content. Having a website can increase your range by a lot. Creating a website is an easy process, but letting your web hosting sites like Mint Soft can speed up the process and save money.

The process:

Website creation is a three-step process. It involves the creation of the domain name, searching for the domain host, and setting up your website using a web builder.

  • The Domain Name:

The domain name is the first step in creating the website. It is the identification of your website. People and your clients will be using the domain name to search for your website. So, setting up your domain name is important. If you are targeting an audience all over the world, then your domain extension should be .com, .org, etc., But if you are targeting a specific country, you can go with extensions such as .in, .uk, etc. The domain name should be your company or campaign name. If the website is a personal blog, the domain name should be your name. The cost of obtaining a domain name is 10USD to 50  USD at an average of 15USD.

  • The Domain Host:

The domain host is someone who hosts your domain name on their server. You need to find a host or can use Mint soft for hosting your domain name. Domain hosts in today’s market provide you with a free domain name for six months to one year with SSL security. Free install link for word press. These are the minimum benefits offered by the domain hosts in today’s market. Get yourself a host with all the facilities and start your website now. The hosts cost you around 5 USD per month.

  • Web builder:

One of the most prominent web builders is WordPress. It has the highest usage rate and market value. Other web builders include Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc. Out of all the websites hosted on the internet, 35% of them are made using WordPress. A web builder is a software that is designed for website creation. It is an online interface using which you can develop your websites. You can choose a web builder of your own but, the web builder is usually included in the package you received from your domain host. Word press is easy to use software intended for beginners and basic use.

Closing Thoughts:

The world of website creation and development is constantly evolving at an alarming rate. In today’s market, a simple website will not attract any clients and potential clients. Many advanced design techniques are used to make websites more attractive and more captivating. You should get familiar with all the modern design techniques and advancements to compete in today’s market. So, it all comes down to the domain host selection. Your domain host will provide you with all the necessary tools for creating your website. Choose your domain host wisely for better website creation and handling experience.

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